"A Scottish Migration" needs your help to produce the film.

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All donations are considered to be a gift or grant to support the production of only this film project. All monies raised will be used to produce "Why They Left: A Scottish Migration."


Many hours have already gone into research, writing, filming and interviewing. I believe this story has never been properly told, from the perspective of the industrial south, where most Scots migrated from. To bring this story to you, photos, footage, and expertise will be needed. All of this costs money. Thank you for your support.


If you are interested in being a sponsor, and having your logo or name appear in the event pamphlet, email blasts, on this website and in the credits of the film, please call Ellen at 703-328-8046. Thank you so much for any help.


Funding is needed for:


  • Maps and graphics permissions
  • Video crew
  • Audio and sound design
  • Books and research materials
  • Film supplies
  • Props
  • Film editing and production
  • Motion graphics
  • Marketing and promotion