On January 26th, we had the Scottish Celebration Burns Dinner to promote the film and raise funds. Ellen spoke to a packed room about the story in the film. We sold t-shirts and magazines, showed video, took portraits, heard Burns poetry, and had traditional Scottish fare. At the end we formed a big circle and sang Auld Lang Syne. (Written by Robert Burns.)


Scottish Celebration Burns Dinner photos by


We heard "Address to a Haggis," by Robert Burns


We heard, "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns


Videography by Margaret from Old Town Productions


We heard the Selkirk Grace.





I recommended the books, "The Lowland Clearances*" and Johnson and Boswell's "A Journey to the Western Islands**" which is a first-hand account of what Scotland looked like in 1763.


We sang Auld Lang Syne, by Robert Burns, to finish up the evening.

Scottish Celebration Burns Dinner photos by



Interview with Derek Alexander at Newark Castle, Port Glasgow, Scotland. Summer 2017.


*The Lowland Clearances by Peter Aitchison and Andrew Cassell

**Samuel Johnson and James Boswell: A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland AND The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides.